Club Membership is open to anyone tall enough to reach the pedals!

Welcome to the Penny Farthing Club. The annual membership fee is just £25 and this covers the cost of bike maintenance, repairs, administration, 3rd party insurance and includes your first training session and a complimentary Club tee-shirt.

Please download our Membership Form, complete and return together with your £25 membership fee.

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Velocipede (/vəˈlɒsəpiːd/; Latin for “fast foot”) is a human-powered land vehicle with one or more wheels. The most common type of velocipede today is the bicycle.

During the 1870s advances in metallurgy led to the development of the first all-metal velocipedes.

The pedals were still attached directly to the front wheel, which became larger and larger as makers realised that the larger the wheel, the faster and farther you could travel with one rotation of the pedals. Solid rubber tires and the long spokes of the large front wheel provided a much smoother ride than its predecessor, the Boneshaker.

This type of velocipede was the first to be called a bicycle (“two wheel”) and its shape led to the nickname Penny Farthing in the UK. They enjoyed great popularity in the 1880’s, at least by those that could afford them.

Although the trend was short-lived, the Penny Farthing became a symbol of the late Victorian era. Its popularity also coincided with the birth of cycling as a sport.

Early Velocipede BicyclesNeil Laughton on a Penny Farthing

Fancy a ride?

Club Training

Typically, the first half of a training session will be for beginners and intermediate standard riders and the last half for the more experienced who will practice the finer art of Penny Farthing Polo.

The Club Secretary informs all Members of the dates and times of Club Training.

Some social drinking usually follows each training session or Club Event!

PFC Polo - Club Training

Bicycle Polo

In 1908 Bicycle Polo featured at the London Olympic Games and for the next half century was a very popular and competitive team sport internationally.

The Penny Farthing Club’s Secretary, Neil Laughton was for a number of years Captain of the England Bicycle Polo Team. There is no evidence that anyone has tried to stage Penny Farthing Bicycle Polo, until now.

Penny Farthing Bicycle Polo

Victorian Challenge

This annual charity fundraising ride features Club Members cycling Penny Farthing bicycles across Central London dressed in period costume including headwear as worn in the mid 19th Century such as a top hat, bowler or flat cap.

Our Peloton of Penny Farthings will have plenty of stops en-route including some iconic feeding stations and watering holes such as Mr Foggs, Fortnum & Mason and Harrods.

PFC Buckingham Palace - Victorian Challenge

Corporate events

The eight replica Penny Farthings and bicycle polo equipment owned by the Club can be hired out for corporate events, photo-shoots or private functions.

Please contact the Club Secretary for more information and costs.

Penny Farthing Corporate Events


PFC Sport Relief-5-1100x250

Events for 2018 to follow shortly




For more information please contact the Club Secretary:


Neil Laughton


07973 289552

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